Laser breath analysis can one day screen for cancer and diabetes

Researchers are developing new types of lasers. They are hoping that in the near future, we could use them to screen people for diabetes, cancer and infections. These lasers will use exhaled breath. According to the researchers from the University of Adelaide in Australia, this is likely possible. That system will use laser spectrometer in order to analyze the molecular composition of the gas. That laser will use light as well, in order to sense the molecules in the breath. 

Our breath contains molecules that are a byproduct of our metabolism. This is the process that keeps us healthy and alive. Because of this, many scientists are currently working on developing lasers and systems that will be able to scan our health by analyzing breath. This is much faster and cheaper way for testing people for certain diseases. When we are ill, molecules byproducts are changed in our breath. Those systems will use these changes to screen for diseases. Thanks to them, we will be able to screen people for lung cancer and diabetes, before they show external symptoms.

The system, currently developed by Dr. Anstie and his tea, will be very effective and it will provide results immediately. Also, it will be very precise. It will have the same purpose as blood screening. The main part of the system is "optical frequency comb". It is a highly sensitive spectrometer that uses light to screen gas. Different molecules absorb light on different ways. Their frequencies are different. This means that every type of a molecule has a unique fingerprint. They will have a prototype in 2-3 years and ready system in 5 years. 



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