Superb Home Remedies To Beat Sinus Pain!

Nasal congestion, pressure around the nose and eyes, and unexpected headache can be common symptom of sinus, and probably, many of us have experienced sinus pain at some point. Check some great home remedies for sinus without relying on medications. 

Quick steam/cold compress formula
Take boiled water in a big bowl and add two drops of peppermint oil to it. Cover your head and start taking in the steam, which will eventually drain the nasal discharge. The next option is to go for warm compress with a towel soaked in hot water for quick relief. 

Get a neti pot
The neti pot allows you to get a quick saline wash for the nasal cavity, and people who suffer from chronic sinusitis swear by its benefits. This will reduce the mucus and offer rapid relief, especially when you have frequent headaches and sinus pain around the nose. 

Focus on water therapy
Medical experts suggest on ample hydration to keep sinus pain at bay. Water helps in thinning the nasal mucus and you will soon feel the difference. However, do not go for alcohol and caffeine based drinks, which can work reversely and cause more problems. 

Go for spicy foods
Spicy foods and recipes that include chilies, cayenne pepper, mustard and other hot spices can help in draining the mucus and help sinus patients in a big way. Of course, you don’t want to spice your daily food all the time, but for rainy and bad weather days, this works to a great extent. 
 On a last note, consider getting a humidifier for your bedroom that can aid in reducing sudden sinus pains. 



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